Upon the request of our customers, CFFT has broadened its services and entered the world of fashion, housewares furniture and other consumer goods. We became a pure logistic player managing large orders in combination with inventories of more than 5,000 articles. With extreme flexibility and thanks to the skilled labour force, we can easily face the dynamic world of fashion that requires picking with peaks of more than 20,000 pieces per day and the preparation of shipments for dispatch to points of sale located throughout Italy and across Europe.

Whilst providing a dedicated channel to every customer for sending orders and instructions, CFFT presents itself as the ideal logistic partner offering complex supply chain solutions to its customers. It gives its partners the opportunity to expand their activities to new markets. Our facilities are located 1.5 km from the Port of Civitavecchia and allow us to be very efficient in terms of costs and time offering our customers a complete inbound and outbound service. Thanks to our internal customs department, CFFT is able to provide all customs formalities necessary for the import/export of goods whether or not stored in our bonded warehouses.