Warehouse services

  • Handling of trucks, containers and train wagons
  • Intake – outtake warehouse, seasonal storage
  • Cross-docking
  • Weighing, labeling, order picking, packaging, consolidation
  • Reconditioning and repacking of products
  • HACCP standards
  • Storage at temperature range of -25° C / +14°, or dry
  • Customized WMS
  • Receiving, processing orders and stock keeping on real time basis
  • Container trucking to and from the container terminal RTC in the Port of Civitavecchia
  • Transport by truck to other ports in Italy as well as other European destinationsFAS delivery to cruise ships within the Port of Civitavecchia

Customs and other administrative services:

Today CFFT can offer following services :

  • Bonded warehouse type “C” (also for non-EU cargo) EXTRA EU goods under suspension of customs duties and for Community goods referred to in article 98, letter b) of the Community Customs Code
  • Warehouse for ships’ provisions and equipment, in accordance with article 526, paragraph 4 of the DAC and in accordance with the provisions of article 40 of the EU Regulation nr 800/1999
  • Tax Free warehouse for the handling and storage of products for National and International consumption (no excise duties)
  • Excise depot to store alcohol and spirits both EU and non-EU
  • VAT warehouse
  • Administration of all customs procedures thanks to in-house expertise
  • Authorization for the handling and storage of goods subject to the food stamp CE
  • EU authorization for handling and storage of goods which do not comply with the EU requirements (non-EU goods)
  • Handling of all Veterinary Health formalities (PIF)