Who we are:

CFFT SpA is a 3PL company for the handling, storage and distribution throughout the whole of Italy and the Western Mediterranean region of food products, FFV (fresh fruit and vegetables) with in particular bananas and pineapples.

CFFT SpA is a subsidiary of the Antwerp based holding NOORD NATIE, which is a diversified port group founded in the 16th Century.

Warehouse Location:

The terminal of CFFT SpA is ideally located inside the port of Civitavecchia, at quay 24 and 25, next door to the “RTC” container terminal and the “RCT” cruise terminal.

The port of Civitavecchia is commonly considered as the port of Rome due to its proximity to the capital of Italy. It is built on the ancient city of Centumcellae, founded by the Trojans to expand the trade in Rome.

The state-of-the-art warehouse is ideally positioned to allow a fully integrated service package, covering container – warehouse activities – ship operations.

Customers have tagged our logistic concept as Kilometer Zero, as many cruise ships are actually berthing in front of our warehouse.

The CFFT terminal covers 16,000 square meters and offers chilled, frozen and dry storage space in combination with all the necessary permits and authorizations for customs, veterinary and phytosanitarian inspection.

As such, CFFT can meet all logistic and customs requirements of the market – including storage (chilled and frozen) of non-EU goods.