Welcome to the CFFT Whistleblowing System

Our commitment to corporate ethics and social responsibility is fundamental. Through this portal, we provide a secure and confidential means to report unethical or illicit behavior within our organization. Transparency and integrity are the pillars of our corporate culture, and we encourage all employees, collaborators, and external partners to actively contribute to safeguarding these values.

Our whistleblowing system is designed to ensure the anonymity and protection of whistleblowers, eliminating the risk of retaliation or discrimination. We firmly believe that an ethical and transparent work environment is not only the right of every individual but also the foundation for the long-term success and sustainability of our enterprise.

Individuals eligible to report are those operating within the CFFT work context, including:

  • Employees
  • Freelancers conducting their work at CFFT
  • Collaborators providing goods and services or working at CFFT
  • Freelancers and consultants working at CFFT
  • Volunteers and interns, both paid and unpaid, working at CFFT
  • Individuals with administrative, managerial, supervisory, or representative roles, even if exercised de facto

Reporting can occur:

  • During the legal relationship
  • During the probationary period
  • Before the legal relationship begins if information on violations is acquired during the selection process or other pre-contractual phases
  • After the termination of the legal relationship if information on violations was acquired before termination (e.g., retirees)

Behaviors, acts, or omissions that harm public interest or CFFT's integrity, including:

  • Administrative, accounting, civil, or criminal offenses
  • Offenses violating EU regulations in various sectors
  • Acts or omissions harming the financial interests of the Union
  • Acts or omissions concerning the internal market

Reports may also cover:

  • Information about actions aiming to conceal the aforementioned violations
  • Illicit activities not yet committed but reasonably believed by the whistleblower to be likely based on concrete and consistent elements
  • Well-founded suspicions

Reports should include the following necessary elements:

  • Circumstances of time and place in which the reported incident occurred
  • Description of the incident
  • Details or other elements allowing the identification of the subject to whom the reported facts are attributed

It is also helpful to attach documents that can provide evidence of the reported facts and identify other individuals potentially aware of the facts.

Our commitment is to evaluate and manage each report responsibly, following clear and transparent procedures. Our goal is to resolve any issues effectively, constantly improving our work environment and business practices. We encourage you to use this important tool, helping us build a better CFFT for everyone.

For more information or to submit a report, visit our internal whistleblowing portal here or the ANAC portal here.